The Black Secret Society Founded To Defend White-Supremacy And Frustrate Black Freedom

Been tellin folks about the Boule for a minute… but here read someone else’s take since no one pay me no mind…

Over the course of our history as Black people, as Africans; we have had to deal with lots of huddles, trials, attacks, betrayals, and backstabbing.  And while much of this has come from the Caucasian race, and other pale races, a good number of our injuries have been inflicted by our own.
Now we understand that it might be a hard pill to swallow for many Black people, but the truth remains that we have had our brethren betray us, over economic gains, and a place under the table of white supremacy – a place for dogs. Continue reading

Stevante Clark:Questionable?/#freeatlastchallenge/Digga fires shots at Jamar.

Yanadameen Godcast episode #014

In this week’s episode of the Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga have guest panelist Alexandra Hill helping them break down and analyze the talking points of the week inclluding: the shooting of another black man in Brooklyn by the police (11:26), the brother of Stephon Clark (another victim of the police) being spokesman for the family despite appearing to be suffering from mental health issues (16:20), as well as remembering two iconic figures in the liberation struggle for black people – Winnie Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. (27:01). Continue reading

Dear Media, Stop Giving Jesse Jackson Sr. Credit for the Black Friday Protests

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That charlatan has been dirty and a cause chaser since day one… I remember when his brother was working with Jeff Fort and the El Rukns…. great reading by one of own young minds…

Dear Media,

Stop giving Jesse Jackson Sr. credit for shit he doesn’t do. Jesse Jackson, Sr. is not our political lord and savior so please stop it with these fake ass articles and the narrative that he is the champion of black people. Most of our natural black asses don’t even like him. I can’t speak for my parents or grandparents generation (as far as his contributions go), but I can talk about now and how my generation is fed up with his shit.
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