The Illegal Harvesting of Black Men’s Organs is Going Unnoticed

Currently, over 118,353 people need an organ transplant, and about 22 people per day die while waiting for an organ transplant.  In this situation, the phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures” takes on an extremely dark persona and ventures into the realm of the illegal harvesting of organs. Continue reading

FBI Agent’s Sons Accused in Kendrick Johnson’s Death Demand Justice Department Butt Out

FBI Agent’s Sons Accused in Kendrick Johnson’s Death Demand Justice Department Butt Out

So.. cuz Dad is FBI they can get a cover-up…. yeah right…

Video at the link….

In court documents recently filed, the U.S. Department of Justice seems to be suggesting that a lawsuit brought in the Kendrick Johnson case could impede its investigation.

The DOJ is asking a judge to delay a fact-gathering portion of a lawsuit in the Kendrick Johnson lawsuit for 180 days.

“They’re claiming that if the lawsuit goes forward, that it would interfere in their criminal investigation,” said former prosecutor Bill Thomas while being interviewed by WSBTV‘s Mark Winne.
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Kendrick Johnson Protest Leads To Arrests At Lowndes County Schools

Valdosta, GA – A rally in the Kendrick Johnson case lead to four arrests Monday, including a reporter from Atlanta.


From Friday to Monday, Malika Mahogany and around a dozen members of ‘The CommUNITY’ walked 17 miles-a-day from Atlanta to Valdosta, to symbolize the 17 years of Kendrick Johnson’s life.


When the protesters got to Lowndes County High School, their final destination, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, including the Sheriff, were already there.


“I actually wanted to come here and present them with demands. They wont’ allow us to”, says Mahogany.


As they approached Lowndes High, Sheriff Chris Prine and his deputies stopped the protesters before they could get on Lowndes High School property.


“The school has made the decision not to accept any letters from protesters”, says Sheriff Prine.
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Anonymous exposes Kendrick Johnson death conspiracy

It’s been so many black men getting killed I forgot about this one…. Damn our lives mean nothing to LE and white supremacy in general…. and then one of the suspects plays for Florida State now?? Damn shame…

Here’s the video link

The ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous has been a consistent source of counter cultural news and activism. The latest alleged video from Anonymous now deals with the mystery surrounding the death of black teen Kendrick Johnson.  Johnson’s body was found rolled up in school wrestling mat in Valdosta, Georgia and was officially ruled accidental by the Lowndes County Coroner.

The family of Kendrick Johnson and supporters have refused to accept this explanation and believe Johnson was murdered. In addition, the family believes there is a vast conspiracy to protect those individuals who might be responsible because of law enforcement connections. The family recently filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit that names more than 30 defendants and the city of Valdosta. Because of possible conflict of interest issues with the case, seven judges have recused themselves from hearing the lawsuit. There is an ongoing federal investigation surrounding Johnson’s death and many prominent Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia citizens have been made to testify during the federal investigation.

via Anonymous exposes Kendrick Johnson death conspiracy.