What’s up people?

Hello out there on the Inna’net…. It’s ya man LR and I’m enjoying the new digs and working on some things like..

a new release of LR Tools with updates AND some new toys…some real nice stuff all you Tech types can use to administer and fix up a newbies system…

a new release of the Windows Start Up Pack

new release of the CodySafe USB

a version of the Windows Update Mini Tool with the CAB already installed

Hope you all have been checking out the Mark Spark Show and if not, take a look and let me know what u think.. and be sure to share it with your friends….
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Mo Updates!

Well I’ve brought over some of my feature pages from my old blog and made them available here and even updated a few..

Also put up the links for new versions of LR Tools and the Windows Startup Pack as well as links to a finally working RocketDock Backup 0.3.1

Any problems? Holla at me…

Bulls handled biz last nite but I can’t wait til we get this guy back….

noah got guns