Who Orchestrated The Breakup Of Yugoslavia And How?

Twenty-five years ago, on 24 March 1999, Operation Allied Force began – the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia that led to the country’s dismemberment – and the independent state of Kosovo was proclaimed. Yet these events were far from historically contingent, as some people claim. So who orchestrated the breakup of Yugoslavia and how? Continue reading

$12.3 billion in Gaddafi’s frozen account in Belgium ‘disappears’

Color me surprised (insert sarcasm here)…. it was ALL about the money and what he was doin in Afrika…

Local Belgian media has revealed that about 10 billion euros ($12.3 billion) have disappeared from four frozen Euroclear Bank accounts belonging to two Libyan state agencies.

The accounts containing 16.1 billion euros of state funds were frozen since March 2011 in accordance with a United Nations resolution as part of sanctions against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, reports weekly newspaper Le Vif. Continue reading

Steinmeier’s Comments on NATO’s ‘Warmongering’ Spark Firestorm

Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s warning against NATO’s increased “saber-rattling and warmongering” close to Russia’s borders caused a firestorm. Some praised the German Foreign Affairs Minister for adopting a novel approach to dealing with Moscow, while others accused him of giving President Vladimir Putin a “birthday present.”
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Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks Washington’s Blog

It’s a well known and documented tactic to incite the people to war thru fear

In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:
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Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

If u didn’t know the real reason they killed Guaddafi, here u go…

The New Year’s Eve release of over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has CNN abuzz over gossipy text messages, the “who gets to ride with Hillary” selection process set up by her staff, and how a “cute” Hillary photo fared on Facebook.

But historians of the 2011 NATO war in Libya will be sure to notice a few of the truly explosive confirmations contained in the new emails: admissions of rebel war crimes, special ops trainers inside Libya from nearly the start of protests, Al Qaeda embedded in the U.S. backed opposition, Western nations jockeying for access to Libyan oil, the nefarious origins of the absurd Viagra mass rape claim, and concern over Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves threatening European currency.
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Brussels’s Next Balkans Ersatz State: Vojvodina, by Wayne Madsen

If the Brussels-based European Union and NATO have their way, the Serbian province of Vojvodina will join Kosovo, previously carved by the European Union and NATO from Serbia as an ethnic Albanian state run by the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), as the next ersatz independent state in the Balkans.


After witnessing Kosovo province carved out of it by NATO troops as a result of European Union machinations, Serbia now stands to lose the fertile Danube basin province of Vojvodina to the border changers in Brussels. If recent comments by former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and incoming Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic are any indication, Croatia will soon serve as a bulwark in NATO’s plans to wrest control of Vojvodina from Serbia and declare it a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual independent «homeland» for Hungarians, Roma, Slovaks, Croatians, Romanians, as well as newly-arrived Albanian refugees being bussed into the region by the EU from the southern parts of what was once Yugoslavia.
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