How Nike’s FIRST Athlete Lost $8 Billion On One Decision

This story illustrates how YT will screw you over if they ain’t getting any money out of a business deal… and how indigenous people didn’t think about business ownership…

We all make mistakes…just not eight billion dollar mistakes.

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball severs ties with Big Baller Brand co-owner over allegations $1.5 million is unaccounted for — ESPN

I wanted Lavar to win despite his BS if for nothing else to see a man bucking the system…. but the signs of his idiocy and lack of business acumen were too easy to not see and now that details of his meeting this ex-con (man) only assure me he only had his own interests at heart while destroying Melo & Gelo’s college basketball careers and injuring Lonzo….. now they boys don’t even speak to him…..

it’s kinda sad I guess but that is what hubris brings….

Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball has severed ties with a co-founder of Big Baller Brand over concerns that the longtime family friend has a criminal past and also has not adequately accounted for the whereabouts of roughly $1.5 million from Ball’s personal and business accounts. Continue reading

Drink Champs w/ Metta World Peace (Full Video) – YouTube

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys drink it up with legendary basketball player Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest. The guys talk about his family connection to CNN, Queensbridge, his basketball career, some of the controversies he’s encountered and more.

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Rah Digga DEFENDS wearing WEAVES ¦ 50 Cent vs Papoose + Are there boundaries on social media?

Why do some women always wanna speak for all females like they are monolithic? Also why can’t you (Rah Digga) just let your hair hang out or must u be vain 24/7?

After noticing a lot of commenters (predominantly male) having something to say about Rah Digga wearing weaves, she addresses the comments and details the reasons why some Black women wear weaves. Continue reading