The Role of the Black Bourgeiosie in Coopting Our Movements

Facts…. funny Bomani Jones just did a podcast about LeBum tryin to be Ali and not being built like that….


This past week there was an extraordinary demonstration of bold militant action from professional athletes to speak out against police terror against the African masses.  The National Basketball Association (NBA) called off its playoff games.  Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), Major League Soccer (MLS), individual tennis players, and even the National Hockey League (NHL) called off games, matches, and practices. Continue reading

Amanda Seales Admits She Lied When She Said Myron Rolle Sexually Harassed Her

It’s shit like this that give light skinned females a bad name…. lawd knows I knew a few…

This is very dangerous stuff here and I am going to need Seales to do better, you can’t be putting things like this out there in the wind if it didn’t happen.

Seales went on shows and did a video accusing Ex-NFL and now Neurosurgeon Myron Rolle of being problematic with her over the phone. She then went on to say a bunch of unnamed women told her Rolle was a sexual predator but didn’t explain how and in what way before saying a woman said Rolle answered the door to his house one time naked before a date. Continue reading

Has Jim Brown gone to the other side?

You look at all of this and tell me what u think??? Does this negate the things he did do for the community or was it just his way of tryin to integrate into society?




Nike Donates Millions to Republican Candidates

Fuck Nike cuz anyone with sense knew they were doin it just for paper and cashed in like they did with some stock moves….

Nike did it.

They took the glorious afro-ed Colin Kaepernick, the face of a movement against the killings of unarmed black men, women and children, and made him the face of their “Just Do It” campaign. Continue reading

Man Walks Around NYC With ‘Caucasians’ Shirt To Parody Redskins Logo

White tears…. and white insecurity are hilarious…

This guy walked around NYC wearing a shirt that says ‘Caucasians,’ as a parody of the offensive Redskins logo — here’s how people reacted

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09-26-17 The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show – Black Jesus, NFL Protests & Relationships

***We had some audio issues on this one and unfortunately the audio dropped at the end for the last few minutes.***

Special Guest: Morgan Jay (on FB); IG: simplee_mo

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