Why African Spirituality Became Associated With Satan

Good reading…

“You must stop your Satanic idol-worship”, “You devil worshipper”, “You will go to Hell”. These are all common derogatory comments I have received as a third-generation practitioner of Vodu, an ancient West African spiritual and herbal practice, mostly by Christians that preached their faith on me. At first, I used to react harshly to them which normally ended in both parties arguing, sometimes even ending in insults. As I grew older, I realized that most people who hold such views have little knowledge about African history or spiritual traditions. In this article, I will shed light on some reasons why African spiritual and herbal traditions like Vodu have historically been and continue to be stigmatized and associated with Satan or the devil. Continue reading

How the CIA used Crypto AG encryption devices to spy on countries for decades – Washington Post

shoutout to the CIA for flimflamming “our” allies as well as most of the world…

For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. Continue reading

Scholars focus on the Arab trans-Saharan slave trade

Scholars from universities in and outside Africa gathered in the Nigerian city of Calabar recently to examine the role of Arab merchants in the trans-Saharan slave trade, which lasted for 17 centuries. For various reasons, the trans-Saharan slave trade – unlike trans-Atlantic slavery – is under-studied. Continue reading

The Year of the Panther

Great reading…. I honestly need to read more black sci-fi…

Afrofuturism first emerged as a challenge to why there were so few black science fiction writers, yet the movement has grown in range and strength to ask fundamental questions about the way we structure our world. Continue reading

Border Patrol Refuses to Return $41,000 Seized From Texas Nurse Who Saved Money to Open Medical Clinic

I would say ignorance of the law is no excuse BUT we know YTs dip out the country all the time with more than 10k… more racial profiling with a lil blackmail and larceny….

A decade-long dream to open a medical clinic in southern Nigeria was just one flight away from coming true for Anthonia Nwaorie. But the Texas nurse saw her plan cut short when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials told her they would seize every penny of the more than $41,000 she had saved to make it happen. Continue reading

Nigerians Are Building Fireproof, Bulletproof, And Eco-Friendly Homes With Plastic Bottles And Mud

These colorful homes are bulletproof, fireproof, and can withstand earthquakes. They also maintain a comfortable temperature, produce zero carbon emissions, and are powered by solar and methane gas from recycled waste.
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Another Boko Haram Attack Repelled By Armed Women

Somebody has to stand up….. what about the women in AmeriKKKa??? And the men for that matter

Several Nigerian media outlets have been reporting on local women in the villages of Attagara and Kawuri in Borno State who recently disarmed nearly a dozen Boko Haram terrorists. The notorious pseudo-Islamic terror groups tried to attack the Attagara and Kawuri communities over the weekend but the insurgents were instantly repelled by a group of armed women.

The Attagara and Kawuri villages in Gwoza and Bama Local Government Areas of Borno State resisted the attack using an array of local talismans and, of course, their assault weapons came in handy as well.
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Switzerland to return $300m looted from Nigeria

Nigeria’s former military leader Sani Abacha Photo: Premium times

I’m almost impressed the Swiss are giving it back…

Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama has said the country is negotiating with the government of Switzerland for the transfer of $300 million in recovered funds from the family of former military leader Sani Abacha.

Onyeama said $700 million that Abacha hid in Swiss accounts has already been repatriated from the country, Reuters reports.
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