All the Ways Being White Helped Me Avoid Prison – VICE

White privilege in their own words…

Before I exited the courtroom, Judge James told me that, despite my felony convictions, he felt I would best serve my community from outside a prison cell. After so many chances already, I was given one more, and yes, I felt very lucky. Nearly 14 years later, luck is no longer the first word that comes to mind, however. When I consider how I avoided nine years in prison—instead getting three years in probation—the word I think of now is privilege. Continue reading

15 prisoners died in one month in Mississippi. Their families want to know why.


it ain’t no accident that’s for sure… LE don’t even care about other YTs especially poor ones… that’s probably the only reason this made national news… YTs…

Nicole Rathmann’s family expected to welcome her home this week from the Mississippi prison where she’d served six years on a drug conviction.

They buried her instead. Continue reading

The all-Black Utopian Ghost City that Lost its Soul


I never heard of this place and it’s a damn shame how YT did it…

In the heart of what was North Carolina’s old tobacco and cotton-field industry, lies the remains of Soul City, an unrealised utopia born in the midst of America’s 1970s urban crisis, intended to encourage black empowerment in a new all-African American planned community. Bankrolled by Nixon’s Republican government, “built by black people and for black people”, Soul City was projected to have 44,000 inhabitants by the year 2004. As you’re about to see from photographs of the half-empty town, things didn’t exactly go as planned… Continue reading

A pregnant black woman is in prison for defending herself. Mainstream gun groups are silent.

And where oh where isthe NRA????

She had a concealed carry permit. The gun wasn’t even loaded. Now she’s facing two years in prison.

Last summer, a black woman in Michigan defended herself, her mother, and her 2-year-old daughter with a registered (and unloaded) gun against a woman who she and her attorneys say tried to hit them with a car. She was a concealed carry permit holder and living in an open carry state — one with a “stand your ground” law in place. Continue reading

2 KKK Members Who Served as Correctional Officers in Fla. Convicted in Plot to Kill Black Inmate

LOL @ “somehow managed” … LE is racists by design…. comedy indeed!

Two Ku Klux Klan members who also somehow managed to serve as correctional officers for the Florida Department of Corrections were both convicted in a plot to kill a black inmate upon the man’s release, Attorney General Pam Bondi announced on Tuesday. Continue reading