New Shirt Shop Ad…. yes I have a store!!!

Aloha people… if you didn’t already know then now u do…. and this is just a sampling of some of the items we sell. 

Oh and today is the last day of the free shipping promo…. coupon code is:


and the next promotion we’re running is 15% off Everything starting May 16th thru the 19th.. coupon code is:


Happy Hell-a-days…. or whatever…

Yeah well another “season” is almost done and I’ve survived East Texas as well as some snow in Fort Worth….


I have a BUNCH of new books I’ll add to library ASAP so u can get ya learn on while it’s chilly outside.And a long awaited update to the LR Tools and Windows Update Pack is coming…. I just haven’t compiled and packaged it yet but it’ll be fresh with new toys…

Been busy doin some video work as far as promos, and some intros for folks..
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