Godcast Episode 140: The Election Day Special with 2020 Presidential Candidate Deon D. Jenkins

Another good one…. I hate that Lord Jamar has followed the Vlad template of chopping shows but I guess it works for the ADD audiences….

Topic of Discussion: Reparations like it’s never been discussed before.

Godcast Episode 140: The Election Day Special with 2020 Presidential Candidate Deon D. Jenkins. – YouTube

ADOS Its origins, troublesome ties and fears it’s dividing Black folk in the fight for reparations

I believe the ADOS thing is very divisive and only serves to divide and conquer the Afrikan diaspora and keep us from coming together economically and politically… big ups to the Final Call for this article…

There are many organizations and individuals who have spent decades of their existence, and lives, advocating for reparations to be given to the descendants of enslaved Africans in America, during the more than 500 years Black people have spent living in this country and subjected to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, chemical and medical abuse and mistreatment. Continue reading

Billboard Removes Lil Nas X from the Country Music Charts/ Will We Ever Receive Reparations?

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, episode #012

In this episode full episode of the Yanadameen Godcast, brought to you by http://www.bluechew.com, Lord Jamar and Rahh Digga discuss Billboard’s decision to remove “Old Town Road” from the County Music charts. How would reparations look today if we were to receive them? Are we becoming too sensitive as a society? Continue reading

Megyn Kelly Battles NBP Shabazz Over ‘Reparations and Compensation for All the Blood’

I dunno why he would try to talk logically to a WS… smh

Tonight on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” from the Republican National Convention host Megyn Kelly had a heated interview with the former National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party and co-founder of National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, Malik Zulu Shabazz.
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