List of Demands from Men Incarcerated at Holman Prison in Alabama

Two uprisings occurred at Holman prison in Alabama over the past four days. One, starting on Friday night involved fires being set after the Warden was stabbed. The second on Monday morning, involved 70–100 men barricading themselves inside their dormitory. The men at Holman Prison have released a set of demands. Sent to me via video, the six demands are listed below:
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‘The Birth of a Nation’s’ $17.5 Million Gamble by Fox Searchlight

The Birth of a Nation Sundance

All that Hollyweird/YT backing kinda makes me wonder why this film is all about… but kudos to the brother for trying….

Nate Parker may be racking up the airline miles to promote “The Birth of a Nation.” The director and star behind the slave revolt drama has told Fox Searchlight that after spending seven years of his life bringing the story of Nat Turner to the screen, he’s going to be the face and voice of his passion project.

According to insiders, Parker’s deep connection to the material and his willingness to go door-to-door to promote the picture were major reasons that “The Birth of a Nation” landed the biggest deal in the history of the Sundance Film Festival: a $17.5 million payday from Fox Searchlight for global rights.
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