ZoWhat? Show: “Defining Manhood in the #MeToo Era! SG: Lewis Dix” – YouTube

#ZoWhat Show Topic:
Topic: MAN DOWN! SG: Lewis Dix”
“A deeper look at What Modern-Day Masculinity Means for Men…and Women?”
“Defining Manhood in the #MeToo Era!
SG: Lewis Dix” Continue reading


Six white students share picture of them standing on black student with BOOTS for ‘Dallas Day’

His parents obviously failed him…. smmfh

Students from an Alabama high school apologized for taking an offensive photo of six white students standing on one black student who is face down on the floor.

The photo was taken last week at Moody High School and featured the white teenage boys in cowboy boots along with the caption ‘We got us one.’

The image quickly made its rounds on social media but Moody High School Principal Christopher Walters told AL.com that the picture was intended to be a joke. Continue reading

LeBron’s School ¦ Rah Digga BOSSES UP on Lord Jamar

This week’s show covers a wide spectrum of topics beginning with the news of LeBron James opening a school in his hometown Akron, Ohio (6:11). Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss this in the broader context of the curriculum and funding of the school and what intentions LeBron has for the school? Continue reading

How School Dress Codes Unfairly Target Black Girls

They will use ANYTHING to keep POC down…

Imagine this scenario: Your daughter plans to wear a traditional African outfit to school to celebrate Black History Month. Her planned ensemble includes an African dress and a traditional headwrap called a “gele.” On the first day of February, she wears the outfit to school. When she comes home, you might expect her to say that she was complimented on her style or praised for her pride. You would not expect her to say that she was nearly suspended for wearing the outfit. Continue reading

Millions of Students Are Quietly Being Taught the Koch Brothers’ Whitewashed Version of Black History

To shape and control the minds of our seeds is quite diabolical….

Cash-strapped social studies teachers across America have discovered an exciting new resource that provides lesson plans, study materials and even seminars geared toward elementary, middle and high school students.

The lessons are extremely detailed and come with suggestions for activities, multimedia and additional reading. More importantly, unlike many educational tools, most of these materials are provided free of cost. There’s only one catch:

It’s right-wing brainwashing. Continue reading

Black Student Gets Tied Up, Whipped In ‘Mock Slave Auction,’ Parents Outraged by School Board’s Reaction

That’s what they think of you… a toy to be played with and killed if they so choose…

A young Black student was allegedly terrorized by white classmates and the school is refusing to expel those involved. Back in January, according to Bath Chronicle, a Black student at a secondary school in the UK was reportedly tied up to a lamp post, whipped with sticks and called racial expletives in a “mock slave auction”. Seven white students took part in the incident during a lunch period. Continue reading

‘White Identity’ Signs Pop Up on Vermont Campuses to Remind Other Whites of Their Privilege 

YT tears are amusing… you are dying off… plain and simple…

Students at three Vermont colleges reported seeing signs and stickers promoting white supremacist views posted around their campuses this week, New England Public Radio reported. Continue reading