Knuckleheads 3 pack: Rashard Lewis, Larry Hughes & Tracy McGrady

Just watched these 3 back to back and thought you would enjoy them as well…

SWEET LEW in the building! We just had to welcome this elite hooper and our longtime friend, Rashard Lewis, to the Knuckleheads podcast. As a member of the elite straight-to-the-league club, he went from Houston high school star to Seattle NBA rookie overnight. He’s one of the first stretch forwards in the game and an ice-cold three-point shooter to top it off. Sixteen seasons, 1,787 three pointers, two All-Star selections and a championship ring later … Rashard Lewis is here with the Knuckleheads to unpack his unique basketball journey. Tune in!

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The B.L.A. ( Black Liberation Army ) 1970s to 1980s History | newafrikan77

I see a lot of interesting info about the BLA and I thought I would share this…

After the social upheavals of the 1960s failed to trigger the vast systemic changes many protesters sought, the early 1970s saw a number of militant groups form secoret underground cells that pledged to use violence in an attempt to fight for civil rights, end the Vietnam War and, in the minds of the hard core, trigger a violent revolution in the streets of America.

While groups like the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army and the Symbionese Liberation Army were vehemently anti-war, their core motivation was rallying the black community toward open revolt. It was a time when police brutality was rampant—far worse than today, by most measures—and white police officers rarely were prosecuted when they killed black civilians. The underground groups of the ‘70s thus made police their first and most frequent targets. The Weather Underground did so with bombs, until one went off accidentally, killing three of its members, leading the group to disavow murderous violence.

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Man fatally shot by police had sued department for excessive force after viral dash cam arrest

The man shot and killed by police this week after pointing a gun at an officer sued police four years ago for excessive use of force.

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Judge: Michael Brown’s parents must release documents

I’m not surprised… WS knows no shame…

A federal judge has ordered Michael Brown’s parents to turn over his education records and certain medical documents as part of their wrongful-death lawsuit over the unarmed, black 18-year-old’s fatal 2014 police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. Continue reading

New videos, photos and documents provide fresh look at 2011 St. Louis police killing

What is LE doin with an AK? smh…. Video is at the link

Video from a police SUV and a business, obtained by the Post-Dispatch, provide the most complete picture yet of a shooting in which a former St. Louis police officer is charged with murder.
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Top Infrastructure Official Explains How America Used Highways To Destroy Black Neighborhoods

Folks act like poverty happened by accident. Many black business were destroyed by freeway/highway projects.

It’s time for America to reckon with the role that highway projects too often play in ripping apart underprivileged communities around the country, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Wednesday at the Center for American Progress.
In the first 20 years of the federal interstate system alone, Foxx said, highway construction displaced 475,000 families and over a million Americans. Most of them were low-income people of color in urban cores. It was Foxx’s second speech in as many days about how federal infrastructure projects contribute to inequality and poverty, and how the agency wants to make up for it now.
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Transfer Laws Preventing Black Boy From Enrolling in School

Bet if he was YT and the law was against YTs, they’d make an exception….. but this is AmeriKKKa…. smh

Video here

One little boy was told that he can’t continue attending his elementary school — simply because he is black.

Edmund Lee is currently a third grader at Gateway Science Academy, but his family was notified that the little boy will no longer be allowed to attend the same school once they move neighborhoods. Although the charter school does have a transfer program that allows other students in his new neighborhood to continue enrollment, Edmond doesn’t qualify because of the color of his skin.
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St. Louis Burning: A Ticking Time Bomb?

St. Louis nuclear waste West Lake landfill

Notice it’s on Al Jahzeera and not any other “mass media”… this is a travesty… click the link for pictures

If it were any other morning after six inches of overnight snow in St. Louis, Dawn Chapman probably would have been sledding with her three kids.

But one phone call from a distressed neighbor at 6 a.m. changed that. A 21-year-old who lives nearby — their friend’s daughter — got the biopsy results from her ruptured appendix. The tests confirmed everyone’s fears: appendix cancer.

Chapman lives near the West Lake Landfill, a site located in the heart of metropolitan St. Louis that increasingly appears to have a much more ominous past than many thought. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services data from 2014 has also shown increased rates of rare cancers near the site.

In 1973, radioactive waste a private company had bought from the government was illegally dumped at the landfill. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommended the waste be removed in 1988, but the company that now owns the land has — with EPA approval — opted for containment as opposed to removal, maintaining that the waste there is low-level when it comes to radioactivity, and not a threat to public health.
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