Monsanto Loses Millions as Indian Cotton Farmers are Switching Back to Indigenous Seeds

We must all fight against Monsanto and their army of GMOs….

Monsanto is making the news these days for losing. They have lost three court cases in which Roundup has been linked to cancer. In India, they are losing, too. After years of pushing a strain of Bt Cotton, Indian farmers have had enough and are switching back to native seeds for the cotton industry. Continue reading

Lord Jamar to Rah Digga: “Hiphop is a MAN’S game!” (ft. Godfrey)

With all that’s been happening of late, the Godcast could no longer maintain the hiatus and had to assemble for an “emergency livestream”. As an additional bonus, this episode features special guest panelist Godfrey to assist Lord Jamar and Rah Digga break down the madness that’s been taking place lately.
Salute to the supporters of the show who DONATE to us! You are greatly appreciated. Continue reading

Chicago PD Say Video Of Teen’s Death Will Be Released Amid Dispute | News One

LE will say anything to justify BS… sorry black kids don’t commit suicides so soft hearted Yurugus do….

The cause of death of a 15-year-old teen is under dispute in Chicago. The family of Steven Rosenthal, who is Black, has demanded the release of a video of the young man’s death during their disagreement with police statements saying the teen committed suicide after he fled from cops on Friday (Aug. 17). Continue reading