White teacher sues after being fired for making black students play slaves | Daily Mail Online

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A white middle school teacher is suing New York City after she was fired for forcing her black students to pretend to be slaves during a history class, claiming she is the victim of  ‘reverse racism’.

Patricia Cummings allegedly told three students at a predominantly black and Hispanic school in The Bronx to lie down to illustrate conditions on a slave ship, after which she stepped on their backs to show ‘what it’s like to be a slave’. Continue reading

Mich. Teacher ‘Violently’ Drags Black 6th-Grader Out of His Seat After He Declines to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance: Report

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Everybody is all about freedom of speech and expression until a black person (hey, Colin Kaepernick; hey, Jemele Hill) decides to exercise his or her right to do so. And in this particular case, a black sixth-grader out of Michigan says he was assaulted by his homeroom teacher all because he was exercising his rights and declined to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Continue reading

Ga. Teacher to Student: ‘Your Purpose’ Is to ‘Have Sex and Have Children Because You Ain’t Never Gonna Be Smart’


Another reason their schools ain’t for us to educated at, just indoctrinated and programmed.

A Georgia high school student was reduced to tears during a recent interview after recalling what she says her teacher said to her in front of her entire class.

Shaniaya Hunter, a junior at Green County High School, was recording her lessons on her school-issued iPad in December when, she says, she asked the teacher a question and he became upset. She alleges that the teacher called her “dumb” and added that her “purpose was to have sex and children.”
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History Teacher Denies Native American Genocide, Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled

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A Native American student at Cal State Sacramento University was told by her history teacher that there was no genocide against the indigenous population of North America. When the student, Chiitaanibah Johnson, took issue with this claim and challenged him, she was ejected from the class and expelled.
The professor said he didn’t care for the term “genocide” as he didn’t think it accurately describes what happened in relation to NativeAmerican history.
U.S. History Professor Maury Wiseman accused Johnson of “hijacking” his class when she challenged him on this. He also pointed out that he was very offended at her accusations that he was a “bigot” and “racist.”
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Teacher Admits to Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Then Sues Him and His Mother

Teacher Admits to Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Then Sues Him and His Mother

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Talk about a bad education…what is this woman teaching our students? Former teacher, Tanya Ramirez, admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old student and had her teaching license revoked. No question there.

However, now she is suing the student and his mother. According to The Huffington Post this turn of events comes after the incident occurred in Corpus Crispi, TX where the age of sexual consent is 17. Ramirez, 31, claims the sex was consensual, but she took a deal pleading guilty to the improper relationship to put the incident behind her.
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Report: Notre Dame Tutor Forced Student-Athletes to Have “Racially-Motivated” Sex With Her Daughter

Report: Notre Dame Tutor Forced Student-Athletes to Have “Racially-Motivated” Sex With Her Daughter

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The University of Notre Dame has fired a female academic coach, the New York Daily News reports, after a student filed a lawsuit against the school on Friday claiming that the tutor had coerced several university football and basketball players into having “racially-motivated” sex with her daughter.

An African American student enrolled at Notre Dame on an academic scholarship in the fall of 2014. He sought tutoring lessons in the spring. The (white) tutor immediately “initiated, directed and coordinated a sexually and racially motivated inappropriate and demeaning relationship,” between the student and her daughter.
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