new URLs for the TeamTSC store

Well since the URL redirector seems to have died, I’ve made new URLs to get to the store

and the direct link


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Man it’s cold!

This is not what I moved to TX for lol

Sup everyone… I’ve been lounging a bit so excuse the slow posts of late but as always business calls and bruh needs some analog time from time to time..


I did roll out new gear…. more hoodies!!!

Got much more ish coming … your man out tryin to change the activist fashion game.. if there is one lol Shit is fly tho…

and check out the TeamTSC line at the exclusive TeamTSC store..

TeamTSC 01b - Men’s Premium Hoodie 

And don’t party too hard on NYE… and start 2018 on the right foot….

Been MIA… well more like CHI lol

Yeah I’ve taken a bit of a break from bloggin while I did a bunch of travelling and such but I’m back on my game and I got new merch!!!

Just opened the TeamTSC store….

so check it out!

Had some enlightening convos with some dumb ppl of late… guess I’ll be making my circle smaller lol