Ced Gee Interviews with Soren Baker

Ced Gee stops by #UniqueAccessEnt​ to discuss why he believes Scott La Rock was assassinated. The Ultramagnetic MC’s rapper also tells #SorenBaker​ about it being his fault he didn’t get production credit on Boogie Down Productions’ “Criminal Minded” album. Let us know what you think.

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The Kool Keith Episode by The Combat Jack Show

Great interview with MC Ultra! LOL and his descriptions of Tim Dog with Iggy Azalea under him .. Rest in Peace

Kool Keith shares his long and eventful journey, from the South Bronx, to dancing in front of President Ronald Reagan, to the legendary hip hop clubs like Union Square and the Latin Quarters, to moving out west and inventing “pornocore”, Dr. Octagon and all his various personalities. Crazy how his past intersect with a young Iggy Azalea. Poppa Large, big shot on the east coast.

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