Godcast Episode 150: Torre Washington

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Godcast Episode 150: Our relationship with food plays a big part in our health and overall lives. How we think about food is complicated and full of misconceptions. Let’s try and set therefore straight. Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington joins the chat.

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KFC admits selling chicken instead of vegan burger to vegetarians

I smell a lawsuit… but why would you trust KFC or BK which are both Yum! (formerly PepsiCo) companies???

KFC has admitted selling chicken to vegetarians who wanted to try out the new vegan burger, saying: “Hands up – this isn’t great.”

A woman and her husband returned to the fast-food chain for the first time since becoming vegetarians in order to try the restaurant’s long awaited vegan option. Continue reading

7 Vegetarian and Vegan Apps for a Healthier Life

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Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The human body thrives off vegetables, so it should be no surprise that more people than ever before are turning to a vegetable-based lifestyle.

The problem with this lifestyle, if you’ve never tried it before, is that our world isn’t built for it. You’ll find fast food, processed food, and lots of meat everywhere you look. To make sure your diet is mostly plant-based, you really have to work at it and plan for it. Continue reading

Veggie Recipes

Can’t take credit for them but I thought I’d share…

Winter Fish Tea(Sick Soup)

You want to use some type of white fleshed fish. Snapper, Yellowtail, Doctorfish, Parrotfish, etc. You have 2 choices. Either get a 3 to 4 pound whole fish and have them filet it and give you head and bones separate or get 2 pounds of filets and 2 pounds of fish heads.
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Scientists Reveal Soy Actually Speeds up the Progression of Breast Cancer

Soy is no good for you… PIID!

Although soy has long been regarded asa powerful anti-cancer foodby nutritionists, new research reveals quite the opposite.According to scientists at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York who studied invasive breast cancer, adding soy to your diet could speed up the rate at which breast cancer cells spread in women already diagnosed with the disease. Experiments on lab animals show that diets high in trypsin inhibitors, found in large quantities in soybean, lead to enlargement and pathological diseases of the pancreas, including cancer.
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25 Vegan Recipes for People Who Think There’s No Life Without Meat and Cheese


Some good recipes in here!

We guarantee that these recipes can make any skeptic gain a new appreciation for the delicious decadence vegan food can offer us — and perhaps even never look back again!
From breakfast to dinner, this list has it all; here are 25 plant-based foods that could turn anyone vegan!

via 25 Vegan Recipes for People Who Think There’s No Life Without Meat and Cheese | Fabweb.