Back with Part 8 of my Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Doom saga….

Had a few issues with editing which is why it took a little while in between episodes but here’s the latest!

Marlow & Tep chasing down the assassin Kim Carreras as Marlow finds a new weapon form, The Forbidden Sting!!! Reminds me of Kratos’s weapon from God War….

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How to Kill Time While Waiting At The Car Dealership? Bang out on Cuphead!!!

So while the whip is getting serviced, I took the laptop and got it in! I actually got good at parrying I played so long…. and trust me I SUCKED at parrying before this. I’m not cold with it yet, but I can get my Supers a whole lot fast than I used to…. Continue reading

Episode 7 of the Marlow Briggs saga

Marlow (with my new weapon Tacab’s Bloodthirsty Claws ) & Tep venture through the Lost City fighting giant bugs and other monstrosities to save his love, Eva..

and peep me riding out on the giant scorpions lol

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