The Black Secret Society Founded To Defend White-Supremacy And Frustrate Black Freedom

Been tellin folks about the Boule for a minute… but here read someone else’s take since no one pay me no mind…

Over the course of our history as Black people, as Africans; we have had to deal with lots of huddles, trials, attacks, betrayals, and backstabbing.  And while much of this has come from the Caucasian race, and other pale races, a good number of our injuries have been inflicted by our own.
Now we understand that it might be a hard pill to swallow for many Black people, but the truth remains that we have had our brethren betray us, over economic gains, and a place under the table of white supremacy – a place for dogs. Continue reading

White Savior Syndrome: Even In Fight Against Racism, Black People Are Falling Victim to It

I respect John Brown and other YTs like him but I never put their accomplishments over melanated people. Simply put, some people know their “people” ain’t shit and they try to right their past wrongs.

During a 2011 interview, funnyman, author and civil rights activist Dick Gregory vehemently rejected a comparison between John Brown and Nat Turner, a pair of 19th-century rebels who killed and died to end slavery. Continue reading