As Poor White People Seek To Justify Their Anger, the Demonization of Poor Black People Has Backfired

Bunch of wimps realizing their lack of worth in the world is all this is…. your time is coming to an end…

While Black people have long been the victims of discriminatory policies, institutional racism and violence, they have every reason to be the least optimistic people in America. However, they are not, according to a recent study. Research suggests that generally, poor Black people are more optimistic than their poor white counterparts. Continue reading

‘White Identity’ Signs Pop Up on Vermont Campuses to Remind Other Whites of Their Privilege 

YT tears are amusing… you are dying off… plain and simple…

Students at three Vermont colleges reported seeing signs and stickers promoting white supremacist views posted around their campuses this week, New England Public Radio reported. Continue reading

An armed white mob in Texas massacred their black neighbors in 1910, and none of them were prosecuted

They kill us and we supposed to turn the other cheek? Yeah OK…

Charlie Wilson, Cleveland Larkin, and Willustus “Lusk” Holley were walking down a dirt road in rural Slocum, Texas when they were blindsided by a mob of armed white men. On their way to tend to family livestock on July 29, 1910, the three black teenagers became the first casualties of what would turn out to be a shameful massacre — with groups of white Texans going from road to road, house to house, shooting black citizens. Wilson and Holley survived the attack, but Larkin succumbed to the injuries. Continue reading

Lord Jamar: Europeans Have Been Historically More Violent than Africans

Lord Jamar shared a conversation with DJ Vlad about the book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, which makes claims about society being less violent today that it was in the past. He explained that while that may be true for European culture, Lord Jamar believes that Europeans have always taken a more violent path than African culture.
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