“Man·Sions/man(t)SH(ə)n/: SG: Ryan Davis, RizzaIslam, and Bobby Glanton-Smith

Topic: “Black Life in America”
“What does it Mean to Be on Code”
“Does Black America have a Code to stay on?” Continue reading


How White Women Benefited From ‘Standing on the Backs of Women of Color’

Is anyone surprised? Anything YT does is off the backs of someone else… they lazy as fuck….

An article in Slate takes an unflinching look at how white women have benefited in the workplace from the sweat of black and brown women. Continue reading

Louisiana army veteran is tasered in her EYE and loses sight

Lousiana is easily one of the most racist states around….

An army veteran has lost her sight after an alleged act of police brutality saw her tasered in the eye.

Tanisha White from Winnfield, Louisiana, says she was beaten by police in an attack so bad it has caused her to lose the sight in one eye. Continue reading

“Why Was Black Generation X Fatherless?: A Brief Statement On Why Many Black Men “Left” the Family In The 1970s” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D. – Black Masculinism and New Black Masculinities

Great read….If I had not met my wife, I most def would have retired from dating, which I kind of did in a lot of ways….. divide and conquer is working…

I have known pissed off Black men all my life. The permanent scowl I saw them wear taught me much, but it wasn’t until young adulthood that I found out the plethora of reasons why they—no, WE—wore it. In a short period of time between the 1960s and 1970s, the following policies became ensconced in law, dramatically changing reality for Black males nationally. Continue reading

Invest in the First Black Woman-Owned Cafe & Farmers Market Franchise That Will Be Owned by the Community

From the crib!!!

Roots & Vine Produce and Café, spearheaded by Ena Jones, a single mother of 3, born and raised in Chicago, has set its Grand Opening for this fall 2018 on Chicago’s South Side in the Morgan Park Community. The plan is to create a Wi-Fi friendly café with a healthy menu, coffee, smoothies, and juices as well as tempting pastries. Continue reading

Woman Awarded $6.7 Million After Being Raped Repeatedly In Milwaukee Jail

I’m not suprised by the savages or the fact it’s in Wisconsin…. damn shame…

A former inmate of Milwaukee County Jail was recently awarded $6.7 million after being raped and shackled during childbirth.

In June, a young woman testified that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by corrections officer Xavier Thicklen. She told the jury he raped her once when she was seven months pregnant and a few days after she gave birth to her baby girl. The victim was booked into Milwaukee County Jail in 2013. Continue reading

BIT Race & Identity: Why Do Black Women Leave Tech? – Blacks In Technology

Image result for black women tech

Good article… but ladies shouldn’t leave tech but they should form their own spaces and companies so as to not be belittled…

Earlier this summer, I was honored to participate in a Minnesota Public Radio call- in show discussing women in tech. We covered a lot of ground, from how to get young girls interested in STEM to the importance of STEAM, but when the host asked, ‘So why do you think women leave tech?,’ I froze. After what felt like an eternity, I offered up some hodgepodge of thoughts that boiled down to general exhaustion. Instantly, I was unsatisfied with my answer. Continue reading

Woman who made false rape claim against Sacred Heart students sentenced to prison

Don’t trust these polar brawds….

The 19-year-old Long Island woman who filed a bogus rape complaint against two Sacred Heart University football players was sentenced Thursday to a year behind bars — and got a tongue lashing from the judge. Continue reading