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Episode 28 of the Lord Rakim Radio Show is here!!!!

Download LR Radio 28 – One DriveBox

Well after my usual hiatus, I’m back with a new format and a bunch of dope hip-hop. I decided on the format change since I’ve been focusing more on the music and less on my ranting and raving lol . Not saying I’m not speaking on anything on the show ever again BUT I have other outlets and mediums to elucidate and educate…. like getting Mark Spark and his shenanigans back in regular rotation. I’m sure he’ll be delighted about that lol

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Merry New Year or something….


Yo… it’s ya man and I been busy travelling but now I’m working on video stuff…

mostly tech demos but a few ads….




almost forgot,

I went to Philly for the “holidays” and hung out in Center City and south Philly…

shame how YT has taken over South Philly and it reminds me of Rosevelt Road (in Chi) when it started gentrifying….

don’t forget to check out the GbA Shirt Shop at http://gbashirtshop.us.to

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& the Team TSC store at http://teamtsc.us.to

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And if u need some tech business, http://gba.solutions is the place to go!

new URLs for the TeamTSC store

Well since the tr.im URL redirector seems to have died, I’ve made new URLs to get to the store






and the direct link



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