Been getting my meatless cook on lately!

So I’ve been tryin to get away from processed foods, even the vegan stuff, because a lot of them use canola oil (aka rapeseed oil.. click for more info) and soy in them.

open faced jackfruit meatball sandwich

open faced jackfruit meatball sandwich

These meatballs by Jack & Annie were delicious but I check the ingredients and yep, canola oil and soy in there even tho it’s made from jackfruit… smmfh

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Black Star & Dave Chappelle On Their Journey, New Podcast, Relationship W/ Ye & More | Drink Champs – YouTube

The long-awaited #DrinkChamps episode you’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here! The legendary group #BlackStar join in as they talk their new album ‘No Fear Of Time,’ their hip hop journey & more.Comedy icon #DaveChappelle also joins the conversation as he talks living in Ohio, his new podcast with Talib & Yasiin, & more.Lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!!

(2) Black Star & Dave Chappelle On Their Journey, New Podcast, Relationship W/ Ye & More | Drink Champs – YouTube

What Could Go Wrong #32

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I’m still alive and a little older now

Hey folks…. it’s your friendly neighborhood lemonade boy wonder LR and I know I’ve been absent for a bit besides just sharing posts but I’ve been taking some time to enjoy life a bit when I’m not working.

Been playing a lot of Sifu, my current game of the moment and trying to “get gud” as the gamer types say… I’ll share some of that video progress in a later post. WCGW got a bit delayed with my various festivities for my birth date celebration. If you know, you know. But it will be posted this Sunday and I’d love to know what u think of the new bumpers and sections I added to the show. Also, there will be a new LR Radio episode out, more than likely by the end of June… I’ve been getting swamped with so much new (and pretty good) music lately it’s been hard to remember titles….. yeah I’m old lol

The world is getting more expensive by the day (by design) and I’ve definitely been on my business game a lot more cuz I got moves to make that ain’t getting no easier…. I see you Texas real estate prices… no lol