FB fronting on the site and I got a new printer!! – GbA Shirt Shop

So Facebook has blocked all links from the 16mb.com subdomain and hence invalidated ALL of the direct links to the merchandise from the GbA Shirt Shop page.

I’m not gonna redo 140+ pics because they won’t even let me go in and remove the offending links and/or add new ‘safe’ links.

But on a much better note, I’ve got a new manufacturer so there will be much newness… new colors, and I’ll finally be doin sweatshirts and hoodies since folks been asking me about them for a while….

and the Team TSC line is coming real soon!!!


via FB fronting on the site and I got a new printer!! – GbA Shirt Shop


Life is…

Life…. business is OK…. got some new prospects and ready to make some major moves…

I’m gonna get this Radio show and Mark Spark ep done one of these days…


For Real…..

He knows…. the Mobile app? Well let’s just say I’ve had a major setback and I’m taking a break from dev work…. I’ll get back eventually once I have a more stable dev environment…..


LR Mobile App redesign in beta testing…


Well I had a interesting weekend and out of it came…

the new LR Mobile App beta…. yeah this is a lot better designed and looks less like an IOS app… lots of multimedia features and toys in this one and more to come….


Let me know what you think?

Download from
One Drive




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