Good review and a bit of a tutorial on the Wyze Cameras…..

I love these cameras cuz they are so cheap and have such a good image. I wish they were more PC friendly tho and supported RTSP.



Merry New Year or something….


Yo… it’s ya man and I been busy travelling but now I’m working on video stuff…

mostly tech demos but a few ads….




almost forgot,

I went to Philly for the “holidays” and hung out in Center City and south Philly…

shame how YT has taken over South Philly and it reminds me of Rosevelt Road (in Chi) when it started gentrifying….

don’t forget to check out the GbA Shirt Shop at

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& the Team TSC store at

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And if u need some tech business, is the place to go!

new URLs for the TeamTSC store

Well since the URL redirector seems to have died, I’ve made new URLs to get to the store

and the direct link


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I’ve moved my business site to a new domain… and a new episode of LR Radio

Well it was a long time coming and I should’ve let Wix long ago but ish happens… but now I have a new domain

From there u can get to all the things I do publically lol.

The GbA redirector at still works and just redirects you now to the new GbA Inc website. So thankfully I don’t have to change all my ads and promos.

Be sure you and check it all out and let me know what u think…

And before I forget I did a new LR Radio numbered 27 but I think podomatic might have went belly up so here’s the album art and links for your enjoyment!

HulkshareOne Drive

Skyzoo – The Stick-Up Tape From _Menace_
Ink Pen (feat. Oowop the Don, Sean Price & Kima Rocel)
Cyhi Da Prince – Nu Africa (feat. Ernestine Johnson)
Phonte – Change of Mind (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
Sean Price – Negus feat. MF Doom & Ike Eyez
Statik Selectah – What Can We Do (Parts 1 & 2) (feat. Anoyd, CRIMEAPPLE, Avenue, Nick Grant, Millyz & Chris Rivers)
Ras Kass – Armed & Dangerous (feat. Planet Asia)
Evidence – Powder Cocaine feat. Slug & Catero
Roc Marciano – Corniche feat. Action Bronson
Planet Asia – Crunch Time Pt. 2 feat. Flii Stylz & Rozewood

Summer is almost here and I’m out on bail from FB jail…. again lol

Greetings all…

Your favorite repeat offender is out on bail from FB jail and as always got some newness in the works….

Got some new shirts celebrating black fathers in the shirt shop with 3 different designs…..,width=650,height=650,appearanceId=649,backgroundColor=000000/showing-love-to-all-those-fathers-out-there.jpg
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