Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?


They started on us before they interned the Japanese during WWII…

There is a closely guarded secret that has been deliberately buried by mainstream media and historians: After the Civil War (and during the war) , millions of freed Black people were funneled into concentration camps in America and killed through forced starvation, and other means.

Many of these locations were called “contraband camps”, and they were hastily built internment camps that were generally in proximity to Union army camps.

One gruesome camp in particular was located in Natchez ,Ms. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a place located in Natchez, where during the Civil War, authorities forced tens of thousands of freed slaves to live in these American death camps. Researcher Paula Westbrook said that, “The union army did not allow them to remove the bodies from the camp. They just gave ’em shovels and said bury ’em where they drop.”

“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran Natchez. And the population went from about 10,000 to 120,000 overnight,” Westbrook said.

“So they decided to build an encampment for ’em at Devil’s Punchbowl which they walled off and wouldn’t let ’em out,” Don Estes, former director of the Natchez City Cemetery, said.

In Natchez Mississipi alone, official estimate that in the time span of just one year, over 20,000 free Black people were killed in the concentration camp called The Devil’s Punchbowl.

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14 thoughts on “Did You Know That Thousands Of Free Black People Were Killed In Concentration Camps In The U.S?

    • If we as a people continue to refer to ourselves as “black” we will never progress. Black is a color that was invented as a label for us as white was invented for others. (Reference – The invention of the White Race by Theodore W. Allen) Peoples of other nations shout their nationality and are proud of it. African descendants in America are mere voluntary slaves in their present “state”. Do some research and find out who your really are…


      • Ben, I understand the point you are making… But whether you want to call yourself black ok African descendants… I believe it doesn’t matter… Melanated people all around the world are being killed off and they are also changes our history for their survival.. We are not just African… we are the original Americans, Asians, and ever Europeans too…. and this story of killing off Melanated people has happen all over the world… I don’t believe the killer care if we called us black….


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  2. What do you do with prisoners. As was done in Africa prisoners are sold into slavery, made to pay resitution or killed wayyy before meeting someone with white skin.


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