Another Melanoid Woman Has Been Found Dead In Her Prison Cell, This Time In The UK

sarah reed uk

Where do u think AmeriKKKa got their whole style from?

 In light of the unfortunate turn of events surrounding the Sandra Bland death, another case of law enforcement’s mistreatment of Black women has been put on display, this time overseas in Europe.

Last month (January 11), the body of Sarah Reed was found lifeless in a jail cell in the confines of Holloway prison, a facility located in North London. Ms. Reed was a 32-year-old Black woman who had a history of mental illness due to untreated trauma that she experienced years prior to her incarceration.

In spite of her mental condition, she was brutally assaulted by police officers in a UNIQLO retail store in 2012 on accusations of her being a shoplifter at that particular store. In the link to this story, footage can be seen of Sarah Reed on the receiving end of the violent attack.

Unfortunately, Ms. Reed’s pain and suffering were far from over. She was taken into custody after being charged with allegedly retaliating against the officer in the store in 2012, and not long after being incarcerated, she sent her family a handwritten letter which stated that she had been raped while in custody.

Upon her untimely demise in January, the prison’s officials have opted to remain silent on the matter, as expected.

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