VOR’s “Man·Sions/man(t)SH(ə)n/ Series” With Corey Holcomb, Bobby, Geoff, and Nate! – YouTube

Topic: “Appreciation versus Caping!”

“Is there a thin line between caping, simping, appreciation and approval of the black woman?”


What are the chief reasons some black men abandon black women?

Do most Black Men Cape for the Beauty Of Women Of other Races?

When does appreciation of the woman turn into sycophantic behavior?

Should Alpha Black Men consider a solitary life when it comes to dealing with today’s modern black woman?

are there any long term benefits to simping?

Where are Black men in the fight for black women?

What are some practical ways Black men can stand up for black women?

Which Black celebrity has a larger social imprint, Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey?

True or False?
Black women are largely socially invisible?

True or False?
Black women are more likely than other racial/gender groups to go unnoticed or unheard?

True or False?
Black women are more likely than Black men or White men and women to go unnoticed by others in a group or social situation?

Are Black Women Invisible?

Do Black women go unnoticed more often?

Are black women in need of defense in a post-feminist world?

what is a black person American dos vs. immigrants why does it matter in the gender war?

are there black men in the White House press room and if not is any wine standing for them?

was it appropriate for CNN and press to use black women to make a point with trump that wasn’t about black policy?

“Are you only attracted to relationships where you need to be needed takes precedence over your own needs?

Is Captain Save’em/The White Knight, A Gold Diggers Wet Dream?

Does the White Knight of your Relationship show feelings of resent, or ambivalence when you begin to succeed in life?

Are you forever trying to save people from themselves?

Are you making excuses for your partner?

via VOR’s “Man·Sions/man(t)SH(ə)n/ Series” With Corey Holcomb, Bobby, Geoff, and Nate! – YouTube

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