Funny things about the CIA and drugs….

Funny about the interconnectedness of things….

How the CIA tried to use the Mafia to kill Castro while ignoring the Corsican drug trade….

How the CIA trained mercenary survivors of the Bay of Pigs fiasco basically turned MIA into the drug hub it became….

How Air America (a CIA front to move guns,money and men under the radar) was used to profit off the golden triangle’s supply of poppies (which make heroin if u didnt know) out of Laos (where the US wasn’t supposed to be during Vietnam) and move it all around the world cuttin out the Corsican mafia….

How after the CIA bought the world’s supply of LSD, they experimented on folks and inadvertently created hippie culture which pushed back against the actions in Vietnam…

How many American troops fighting in Vietnam got addicted to this same heroin from Laos moved around by Air America….

How heroin was flooded in “black” communities to destabilize the growing pro-Black movements like the Black Panthers and similar groups….

How the CIA created and trained in the 1970s, what became the Jamaican Shower Posse who terrorized Jamaica and communities in AmeriKKKa like Miami and Washington DC as well as other places and flooded the hoods with cocaine….. and according to some attempt to assasinate Bob Marley for his political stances….

How Klaus Barbie, former Nazi killer, worked with Robert Suarez, in control of 60-80% of the world’s cocaine at the time, to overthrow the Bolivian government and become the first narco-state…. which supplied the Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel…. briefly covered in Narcos

How the CIA used Rick Ross to bring coke and high powered guns into the hood to make money to fund the Contras revolution…. what the show Snowfall dramatizes….

How the Sinaloa cartel undermined the Cali cartel in AmeriKKKa was nothing short of brilliant…. shame the products ended up destroying our communities…..

How big pharma knew cold medicine was used to make crystal meth and tried to fight Congress in regulating their products in stores….

How Bill Clinton put the 1994 Crime Bill in with mandatory minimums for melanated people while his NAFTA plan took jobs from AmeriKKKa and gave the Mexican cartels a perfect way to bring drugs in the country….

Drug laws are a joke….

Coincidence is rare…. nothing happens by accident when dealing with ofays….

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