President Trump Finally Making His True Intention Clear: Take Control of Black Inner City Communities and Gentrify Them

Any smart black person should have read between the lines a while ago – President Trump always had a hard-on for black inner city communities more than he had one for Nancy O’Dell.Trump is a real-estate mogul by profession and one of the most successful in the world. His profession and his passion is to prospect land and build up on it and sell it for profit. The black inner-city community was always hyper-valued real estate because of location, location, location but given up by white flight and Donald Trump want those inner-city areas gentrified as fast as possible to make America great again.

Dr. Claud Anderson warned for nearly 30 years that this day of reckoning was coming for black inner city communities – use it or lose it. Either you going to create a black economic power base out of the inner cities or someone else is going to come in and take these inner cities from black folks. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years was keep re-electing career black politicians who won’t do anything for the black community but keep re-running for office and keep talking about how they got beat over the head in the 1960s. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years was make inner city corner-churches rich where the pastor drives an expensive car while the congregation live in dilapidated homes and high-crime blocks giving their money as tithes to the pastor who lives in a mansion outside the city in a luxury gated community. What black folks chosen to do over 30 years is talk about how they don’t support black business because black businesses cost too much or act like we owe them our business while running out to suburban malls where the police have speed traps and checkpoints to harass black folks going to their malls and arresting their black kids for shoplifting with harsh penalties. This is what black folks done with the black inner cities for the past 30 years.

If you look at cities like South Side of Chicago or Ferguson or Atlanta and even New Orleans post-Katrina and elsewhere, you will see strategic urban infrastructure that would cost trillions to create from scratch – black folks was sitting pretty for nearly 100+ years on it and did not elevate themselves to own their urban infrastructure. We are talking infrastructure for railroads, shipping containers, next to airport and pipes and streets zones for high-density residential and high-density commercial. Black folks were sitting on trillions in urban infrastructure alone but if you talk to the average black person, they got nothing but stupidity coming out of their mouth. But President Trump knows about these infrastructures in the black inner-city and President Trump children running his real estate empire knows about these infrastructures black people were sitting on doing nothing with it.

Wanna know who else knows about it? The Democratic Party and liberals know about it as well and was also working to gentrify the black community. We were looking at crazy stuff where we uncovered people from Israel buying up properties all up in the hood and you know full well who got into the mix later – the Chinese started buying up properties in northern inner city areas around black folks as holding companies to keep their money out of China. And they were quietly gentrifying the black community and you can go to Congressman John Lewis district and see the gentrification attempt and they done nothing about the AirBnB hyper-gentrification hustle around the new football stadium that is around the Morehouse, Spellman and Clark-Atlanta area but hey – let’s talk about how much of a national treasure John Lewis has been for something that happened to him in the 1960s while we quietly lose our strategic core black Atlanta communities to 2017 gentrification..yeah.

The New York Times recently ran an article that stated that the best way to reduce inner city crime is to create gentrification and show stats to prove it. But here is the thing we are noticing also, gentrification may not be as bad as we think it is and have some positive effects. First, if gentrification is done correctly, it runs out the worthless and negative blacks who were destroying the black community and replace them with hipster whites who are more willing to support a local black business than the negative black folks that were replaced. Second, black businesses have actually increased their revenue by attracting black people from outside the community and country after their community has become gentrified, meaning we may not need a geographical-based black community, we may just need black economic engines similar to the Korean merchant model that is based on the George Jefferson model – put up dry cleaners all around town, extract money and aggregate the revenue and spend the money in their own community and among their people.

So, either way, black folks are going to lose the all-black communities because President Trump as well as those liberals want those black inner-city communities and will fight each other to get them. Overall as we predicted, it will be the poor blacks and stupid blacks who did absolutely nothing to establish black economic power to maintain their black communities that will be ran out of these black communities and have to move to Raleigh or Memphis or a patch of desert outside Las Vegas. You black folks kept electing black politicians that I can pull up their public donation records and you will see payday loan / pawn shop lobby groups giving them 10s of thousands of dollars to keep doing business in the black community. You black folks took your money and gave it to a mega church pastor to hear the good word while your real world is dilapidated and high-crime. And you black folks majored in minors talking about starting up lightweight businesses when your black behind was sitting on 100+ year old brick-based warehouses situated next to rails, airports and harbors. Like Dr. Claud Anderson said, you were going to use it or lose it.

How should the black community respond? I believe we should let the chips fall where they may. Let the black community get gentrified and in fact, you work as a black person to accelerate the gentrification by using the AirBnB hyper-gentrification strategy to let white folks try out the black community before buying into it and gentrifying it. You start acquiring those homes in the hood and fix them up for AirBnB. You evict those hoodrats being hoes to thugs and birthing fuckboys that are destroying the black community. But you better get those goddam storefronts in the hood because they will increase from $2/square foot to $50/square foot really fast, especially if they are less than 10 minutes from downtown or near a subway. And you better seize those brick-based warehouses next to rails in the hood that were built in 1890s. If we going to build America then we need to transport American and take over the land next to major commercial transport hubs, including trucking zones.

We are in the Post-Obama era, fuck the happy talk and it’s time to cover your ass and hold your own down. Everybody is coming at those black inner-city communities and black folks sat on their ass and did nothing for the past 40 years and going to get what’s coming to them as a result. You focus on getting your piece and don’t feel sorry for any of these black folks that chosen to do stupid instead of build up black power, let them be a lesson for the future black generation to laugh at where future black generations say they will never be like those sorry ass black people back in 1980s or 1990s or 2000s or 2010s that kept voting for sorry ass black politicians and tithing mega-churches and now those black folks were gentrified out their black communities and ended up living in areas that don’t respect them and they have no collective power.

via President Trump Finally Making His True Intention Clear: Take Control of Black Inner City Communities and Gentrify Them

One thought on “President Trump Finally Making His True Intention Clear: Take Control of Black Inner City Communities and Gentrify Them

  1. Donald Trump like this ego and wealth are over inflated . Having become President , this @sshole continues to show fu#king clueless he just happens to be. Any moron , who comes up with the bull$hit that the Brexit departure was based on the UK’s wish to seek independence and its own destiny is full of absolute fu#king crap . Making America Great Again by dumb-ing down the country , seeking to find each idiot one person at a time .


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